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Meet the team
of Global Timber

All of Global Timbers partners have extensive experience, a shared vision for Global Timber and are passionate about hardwood.
Today, our company head office is placed in Denmark but our local Asian office, Global Timber Asia Sdn Bhd are located in Malaysia.
Our Asian office have been operating since 2013 and we now count a large force of flexible and customer-oriented staff-members. Our team cross offices’ work closely together and combined we supply excellent expertise in national and international trade, within sustainable hardwood. Our Asian team are responsible for their own respective business areas and strive to develop the vision for Global Timber even further.


Per Friis Knudsen is the director of Global Timber Asia Sdn Bhd and is responsible for sales and trades in Asia. From the department in Kuala Lumpur, he represents Global Timber and supplies our customers in the Asian region. Per lived in Asia permanente since 2000.

With years of experience in the global wood industry, and as a qualified furniture maker with comprehensive expertise in the wood furniture business, Per knows his way around wood. This he uses to consult customers throughout the entire purchase process.

Before Per joint forces with Global Timber in 2013, he worked and travelled across countries and cultures to acquire his professional, specialist knowledge. But Asia being his greatest interest, he finally decided to settle in Malaysia from where he has worked with hardwood trade ever since.


Lars Munch Christensen is a senior consultant at Global Timber Asia Sdn Bhd. His key area of responsibility is purchasing, primarily in Africa and Europe, but he also manages sales/trades to Thailand and the Philippines.

Lars has worked in the hardwood business his entire life, starting as an apprentice in 1960 where he gained a complete education in the industry. He later spends five years in Congo and the Ivory Coast trading logs until he finally founded his own company Internationalt Hårdttræ in 1974, of which Global Timber emerged from in 2006.

Due to his long career in the hardwood business, Lars is not only a well-known figure in the timber industry, he is also the proud doyen of Global Timber. With strong negotiation skills and a lifelong passion for wood, he ensures quality and ethics in every aspect of his business.


Henrik Stenshøj is the sales director of Global Timber Asia Sdn Bhd and manages all export to the Asian market. He is based in Denmark from where he also deals with suppliers and selected customers as well as his colleagues in the Asian department.

Henrik began his career in the hardwood business more than 35 years ago. Initially as a trainee at Internationalt Hårdttræ where he specialized in North American hardwood before he started his own business of international hardwood trade. After 11 years as a self-employed, he holds a strong industry network and enjoys a unique relationship with customers and suppliers, built over a long period of time.

Since 2017 he has put those skills to use at Global Timber. As an export director, he understands the importance of quality and empathy towards the clients’ needs and is highly attentive to this in order to avoid complications and barriers when counselling and trading in foreign countries.


Trinh Hansen is the Supply Chain Manager at Global Timber. She is primarily affiliated with our Asian team. Trinh plays a central role in connecting our African and European suppliers with our customers in the Asian market. Her key focus is the Vietnamese market, but also manages the logistics between Asian customers and shipping from EU- and African-suppliers.

Since 2013 Trinh has been a familiar face in our Asian team and one you often will meet at fairs in the Asian region. Trinh travels often to keep a personal relationship, both with existing and new customers. Trinh develop a broad knowledge to the woodworking industry, while starting her career as developing wooden coatings to the furniture industry based on her education as a chemical engineer. Trinh also holds a master’s degree in technology-based business development from the University of Aarhus.

You will always meet Trinh with a smilingly positive attitude and her dedication of conducting professional business gains respect among customers and coworkers.

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