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Attractive setting
with building timber
and hardwood cladding

Wood is an amazing material and has many advantages when used for exterior cladding on building facades. Besides the natural beauty of wood, it is eco-friendly, and it creates a warm and earthy feeling.

Global Timber offers high quality wood to the moulding industry and carpentries for the production of glass-, floor-, base-, and bottom mouldings. We supply the construction of both inside and outside usage as well as the production of profiles for facade cladding.

We have extensive experience in meeting the needs of our clients and provide guidance about the types of wood that are most suitable for the production in specific projects.

Our most recommended types of wood are usable both with and without surface treatment. If you choose to leave the cladding untreated, you will obtain a beautiful silver-grey patina caused by wind and weather.

Choose a facade in hardwood for a beautiful and durable material where the only limit is your imagination.

Global timber