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European oak, a very popular wood, it is very hard wearing and heavy. Eupean Oak is known for having lovely open wood grain markings and suitable for many purposes. The tree becomes approx. 30 – 35 m and can have a diameter of up to 3 m. Gray-brown core, which darkens over time and location in relation to light.

The light but hard wood is used for shipbuilding, houses, furniture, floors, carts, fixtures, windows, doors, hangers and veneers. European Oak, especially the fine-grained, is good to work with, for example, with steam bending for chairs. If greater breaking strength is required, the fast-growing hard oak should be used.


Botanical name Quercus robur
Origin Europe
Weight About 770 kg/m3
Shrinkage 12,2
Modulus of elasticity 10.6 GPa
Bending strength 880
Modulus of rupture 97.1 MPa
Janka hardness 650
Moisture content 8-10 %


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