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This beautiful and elegant tropical specie is very popular in the worldwide wood working industry. The core tree is golden to mid-brown, which darkens with age. The wood is both elastic and hard, and with generally good strength properties.

It is slightly narrow and whitish/grayish yellow. A very durable hardwood specie in both soil, air and water, less resistant to pile worms. Highly flammable and resistant to climate change. Teak patinates beautiful gray without oil treatment. Bonding can be difficult.

Used for furniture, windows, doors, floors, vessels for acids, cladding in addition to motor and sailboats.


Botanical name Tectona grandis
Origin Asia
Weight About 600 kg/m3
Shrinkage 7,2
Modulus of elasticity 12.28 GPa
Bending strength 850
Modulus of rupture 54.8 MPa
Janka hardness 450
Moisture content 8 – 10 %

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