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Why a secure wood supply is the biggest factor in removingtrade barriers for your company

If you are a manufacturer of wood-based products, you know the importance of a secure and reliable supply of raw-materials. Price, quality, timing delivery are the usual concerns of many producers.

To all these concerns, we can also add the legality of wood imported from thousands of kilometers away, with documentation in foreign languages and complicated chains of custody. If you are a company seeking to export products on the international markets, chances are that compliance and environmental issues play an increasing role.

There is a growing trend in the international market to impose non-trade barriers on imported products from other nations due to environmental concerns. European Union, USA, Australia, or Japan all have timber regulation legislations which can constitute trade barriers for Asian companies.

Our story starts all the way back in Northern Europe, Denmark, where we are market leader in hardwoods supply on the Scandinavian market. Our passion and expertise in hardwoods, coupled with our ability to understand our customers’ needs, brought us where we are today.

Here in Asia, our daughter company of Global Timber Asia Sdn. Bhd., is where our director Per Friis Knudsen operate. In about 6 years, we managed to become a major player in the wood industry in Asia.

Our success on the Asian market is based on:

  • More than thousand containers of timber, lumber and logs into mainly
    South East Asia per year.
  • Five staff members located in Asia, close to where you are.
  • Over thirty employees backing us up from Denmark, to ensure our purchase,supply chain and legality operate as smoothly as possible.
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